Once upon a time a Dutch airline-hostess dreamt of living in the South of France. She found an old mediterranean dwelling surrounded by vineyards to unpack her suitcase. Mariska re-cultivated these vines and today produces the Corbières trio; Carignan, Syrah and Grenache. Harvested from vineyards treated with the utmost care and respect for nature and mankind.The house came with an attached vineyard of 1.65ha. In this vineyard grow 30-year old Carignan vines. The surface of a little over 1.5ha proved to be too small to achieve a reasonable exploitation so Mariska added an extra field with very old Grenache Noir vines and two vineyards with younger Syrah plants.

Next she planted a whole new vineyard with the white varieties Roussanne and Grenache Blanc. All vineyards are within walking distance from the house. The whole planted surface of Les Vignes de Sainte Émeline has thus evolved to 3,4ha.

In 2014 Mariska started the conversion to biological agriculture.

This process will take three years so the 2017 harvest will be the first to carry the " BIO "-logo. The first results of this step are remarkable.

 Because aggressive chemicals are no longer used, the return of a natural balance is already well visible. The soil is again full of life, birds build their nests in the branches and overall the vineyards look healthier and more prosperous.

Until 2014 all Mariska's grapes were sold to the " Cave Cooperative " but she kept ondreaming about the production of her own wines.

To build a " cave " of her own from scratch proved to be too expensive but just before the 2014 harvest a neighbouring winemaker offered a solution. He has the cellar-capacity and the necessary knowledge to create excellent wines with Mariska's grapes.

The results of this project are a beautiful, full-bodied red Corbières wine, harvest 2014 plus a summer-fresh Rosé, harvest 2015. The Rosé has been made of 100% Carignan grapes, even in this region rather unique!